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Dry Dock Management

Tm Marine provides profeesional dry-dock managament services at leading ship yards at Tuzla and Yalova shipyards Türkiye. The services are costumized depending upon the client’s specific needs and requirements.
We exel in ptoviding end to end solitions for the dry-dock managamenent as well as individual modules of the services listed below:
-Planning deliveries detailed schedules and reqirements based on the vessel’s dry-docking due dates monitored on behalf on the vessel’s owners/managers.
-Dry-dock management by Sbs Shipping experienced staff who attend the vessel during the dry-docking as the owner’s representatives or as a supervisor overseeing the vessel’s managers.
-Negotiation and review.Sbs Shipping identifies suitable shipyards, obtains quotations, review tenders and prepares comparison cost analysis spreadsheets. Sbs Shipping will also review the shipyard’s terms and conditions in order to enable owners to avoid any issues which would impact the dry-docking.