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We are Leaders in Field Ship Repair & Ship Supply We are Very Innovative and Experienced Engineers We are Certified and Insured Company Tm Marine has consistently embraced innovation to provide a superior level of excellence.

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Dry Dock Management

Tm Marine provides profeesional dry-dock managament services at leading ship yards at Tuzla and Yalova shipyards Türkiye

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Overhauling and Reconditioning

Tm Marine provides unique service offers for alaminium and 2& 4 stroke pistons. Pistons have weld repairs back to original manufacturer standards at fraction of the cost of new! Tm Marine recondition in well equipped workshops in Tuzla-İstanbul all of the following part:

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Repairs to Lifting Appliances and Load Test

Marine type crane and winch repairs

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FFE Inspection and Certification

Tm Marine provides annual inspection and certification for all of marine fire fighting system by authorised servicing stations.

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LSA Inspection and Certification

Provides inspection and certification for all kind of life rafts, recue boats, lifeboats and davits, immersion suits, floatation devices,etc.by authorised servicing stations.

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Anchor Chain Replacement

Anchor Chain Replacement If you lost the anchor or it’s necessary to replace with a new cahin cables, Tm Marine provides new or used anchors/ chains and replacement at anchorage…

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Ultrasonic Hull Thickness Measurements

Ultrasonic Hull Thickness Measurements U.T.M for Class Special Surveys (ESP Vessels) U.T.M for Owner’s Condition Survey U.T.M for C.A.P Survey U.T.M for Annual / Intermediate Class Surveys Non Destructive Testings…

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Steel Grating Panels Renewal

Tm Marine offers renewing your old or rusty steel grating panels and safety step bar gratinh dyring North bound voyage or during docking period in TM MARINE or in Turkish loading/ discharging ports.

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Maintenance / Repair Of Ship’s Refrigeration Systems

Tm Marine has become the main hub for marine services in TURKEY

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Under Water Repairs and Inspection

Tm Marine prıdes itself on finding orginal, innovative and cost effective underwater repair solutions, where dry dock is not an option for the ship owner.

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Hull, Structural Steel and Pipe Renewal

Tm Marine has qualified and experienced welders certified by class societies. We are equipped to perform a wide range of welding repairs on workshop or on board.

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Electrical and Automation Repairs

Rewinding of motors and alternators of all sizes and configurations

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Balasting / Painting / Coating

Tm Marine provides fast, coast-effective general refit and repair solitions for owners of vessels in all ports of Turkey and Tuzla/ İstanbul roads.

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Tank Cleaning and Gas Freeing

Tm Marine provides fast , cost-effective general refit and repair soluctions for owners f vessels in all

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Turbo Charges & Separators Overhaul and Repairs

Our Team consist of highly qualified service technicians who have many years of experience in servicing all types of turbochargers.

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Service Port

Istanbul Ports

  • Bosphorus Strait
  • Tuzla Shipyards Area
  • Haydarpasa Port
  • Ambarli Port

Çanakkale Ports

  • Dardanelles Strait
  • Icdas Port
  • Akcansa Port
  • Kepez Port
  • Gelibolu Port
  • Gelibolu Shipyard

Gemlik Ports

  • Borusan Port
  • Gemport
  • Rodaport

Samsun Ports

  • Samsun Port
  • Toros Samsun Port
  • Yesilyurt Port

Bartın Port

  • Bartın Port

Alanya Port

  • Alanya Port

İzmir Ports

  • Izmir Alsancak Port

İskenderun Ports

  • Isdemir Port
  • Ceyhan / Toros Port
  • Dortyol Port
  • Limak Port
  • Botas Port
  • Ekinciler Port
  • Mmk Port
  • Yazici Port
  • Sugozu Port
  • Sanko Port
  • Assan Port
  • Denbir Port
  • Yumurtalik Port

Bandırma Ports

  • Bandirma Celebi Port
  • Bagfas Portt

Cesme Port

  • Cesme Ulusoy Port

Dikili Port

  • Dikili Port

Gulluk Port

  • Güllük Port

İzmit Ports

  • Derince Port
  • Diliskelesi Port
  • Hereke Port
  • Tutun Ciftlik Port
  • DP World / Dubai Port
  • Yarimca Port
  • Poli Port
  • Kroman Port
  • Solventas Port
  • Limas Port
  • Rota Port
  • Evyap Port
  • Igsas Port
  • Yil Port
  • Auto Port
  • Ford Otosan Port
  • Efesan Port
  • Gebze Port
  • Colakoglu Port
  • Nuh Cimento Port
  • Diler Port
  • Tavsancil Port
  • Aksa Port
  • Tupras Terminal
  • Milangaz Terminal
  • Aygaz Terminal

Sakarya Port

  • Karasu Port

Yalova Ports

  • Yalova Shipyards Area
  • Aksa Port
  • Altinel Port

Mersin Ports

  • Mersin Port
  • Tasucu Port
  • Yesilovacik Port
  • Mersin Freezone Port
  • Akpet Terminal
  • Alpet Terminal
  • Opet Terminal
  • Savka Port
  • Atas Port
  • Nato Port

Antalya Ports

  • Port Akdeniz
  • Antalya Freezone Port

Zonguldak Ports

  • Eren Port
  • Eregli Erdemir Port

Ordu Port

  • Unye Port

Riza Port

  • Ri Port

Aliağa Ports

  • Ege Gubre Port
  • Apm Terminal
  • Nemport
  • Baticim Port
  • Petkim Port
  • Idc Port
  • Ege Celik Port
  • Etki Port
  • Tupras Terminal
  • Ege Gaz Lng Terminal
  • Petrol Ofisi Terminal
  • Total Terminal
  • Alpet Terminal

Tekirdağ Ports

  • Martas Port
  • Akport
  • Asya Port
  • TDI Port

Trabzon Port

  • Trabzon Port

Artvin Port

  • Hopa Port

Sinop Port

  • Sinop Port